Q-1: How can the UTH team assist me with my computer related problems?

i. Locate, suggest and remove viruses, worms and other harmful contents which might have infiltrated into your computer.
ii. Update, check and scan Anti-Virus software and other protection tools for your laptop/PC.
iii. Perform scheduled scans and checks of Windows updates and related patches. iv. Delete/block pop ups, remove adware and spyware tools, and configure anti-spyware/adware software.
v. Provide data back up to prevent the loss of important data files, like photos, videos, sheets and presentations.
vi. Set up secured home and office networks keeping in mind the latest security protocols.
vii. Resolve email server related problems.
viii. Troubleshoot and resolve computer hardware and peripheral related problems .
ix. Setup and assist users with usage of smart devices like MP3 players, PDA’s and other devices.
x. Support for set up, installation and training on application software through Online Webinars.
xi. Set up and configured secured networks on the computer.
xii. Troubleshoot a plethora of error messages that might interfere with the normal functioning of the computer .

Q-2: Can Urgent Tech Help (UTH) support older computers?

We do have specialization and experience in offering support for older computers and operating systems like Windows 95/98/ME operating system.

Q-3: How easily can you avail services from Urgent Tech Help (UTH) ?

Well, we are accessible round the clock, and we have a team of highly experienced professionals who would be ready with solutions that would simply change the entire complexion of computer repairing and resolution. As a customer, you can always go ahead and contact us through email, chat and voice.

Q-4: I am tired of waiting in the call queue. What is the duration of your wait time?

We understand the requirements of our clients and we try to give you support at the earliest. Our call queue is managed with the most modern technology, that diverts your waiting call to the next available agent. This is how we manage our customer’s call queues efficiently.

Q-5: Do you log past customer interactions for future reference during subsequent meeting?

Yes, we do have an efficient CRM in place that logs all past customer interactions and helps the technician to provide support for their customers.

Q-6: Is Computer repair ahead of other conventional techniques like traditional online support options?

Well, it is more efficient than the standard troubleshooting methods which might put you into inconvenience. Our remote computing and access techniques does not keep you engaged with your work. The entire task is done remotely, while you can go around with your daily chores. We do not keep you engaged through weekends. We are affordable and thus save your time and money at the same time. Our professionals are quite well versed with operating systems, and thus they would be quite efficient in handling computers and operating systems.

We allow you to witness the entire computer repairing service live on your screen. We take access of your computer and carry out all the necessary tasks while you watch it on your own computer screen. We have kept things very transparent to make sure that our customers get ample satisfaction from our services.

Q-7: I have a software related issue. Does your company support software related issues?

Our technicians are highly skilled and qualified. They have experience in software related scenarios, thus making computer troubleshooting a very easy task for you. You would be relaxing while our computer technicians would be going about resolving problems associated with your computer. We support all Windows related operating systems like 98, 2000, XP and NTE Service Packs. Thus, in case you face any problems associated with your Operating System, you can always contact us. We would be offering you the most potent solutions for your computer.

Q-8: Do You Guarantee Customer Satisfaction?

Yes, at UTH, Customer Service and Satisfaction is the prime objective and we do have the requisite knowledge and talent base to make it possible for our clients. We maintain quality at every step of customer service to ensure that our clients get world class technology along with superior client support at every step. We believe in implementing international quality standards at every step of client support and management.

Yes, all our services are available 24x7, 5 days a week and are rendered with full dedication at any point of contact. We treat each incident with utmost priority and thus, our services have become highly popular through the process.

Q-9: How can I opt for a subscription with UTH (Urgent Tech Help)?

We have a number of service plans available for our clients that would enable them to select the most appropriate PC protection plan. You can visit our company website or you can also contact us over the phone. Our technicians are always ready with the best service plans for your PC. Our service plans are highly flexible. We have incorporated a standard of transparency that makes our services even more attractive.

Q-10: What are the payment methods that I can use?

Urgent Tech Help accepts all the major credit cards. Thus you can make payments easily over the phone. We are always flexible with customers and thus we have incorporated the major payment gateways into our website to enable online financial transactions.

Q-11: Can you put more light on the nature of remote computer support from Urgent Tech Help (UTH?)

The very concept of remote desktop support involves a remote desktop connection that is established over the internet and allows us to view your computer from our delivery centers. We overcome physical distance by involving cutting edge technology, which gives us full and secured access of your computer. You have the liberty and privilege to witness the entire troubleshooting process.

i. Take a route through your computer drives, software and set-up
ii. Support for setting up and testing email clients like Eudora, Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook
iii. Install, test and configure latest version of software
iv. Block pop ups by installing add blocks and removal of adware or spyware
v. Installation of home networking solutions for LAN or WLAN
vi. Troubleshoot any error message that comes up on the screen
vii. Install, configuration and up gradation of all firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware