These days' shopping online is a craze. Over 8 million products are being sold online in various shopping sites. Although lot of people pay with credit or debit cards in different shopping sites, but at the same time one should also understand that shopping online may be quite risky as well. According to the consumer reports about $8 billion were stolen from consumers over the past two years by cyber crooks. That means shopping with your credit card in unknown sites may be risky. So having some precautions is always advisable while shopping online and adhering to some minimum precautions you can make your shopping experience more enjoyable. is dedicated to serve you because customer's safety is most important for us. Our safety team has developed and assembled few rules and precautionary tips which you should consider before shopping online in order to shield yourself against internet scams.

Important of Safety Advice
When setting up an account at an online shop, don't pick everyday words, family member names, or birthdates. Instead, use combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, keep passwords unique from account to account.
Make sure the Web site is a secure Web site. It's really easy to look for it. Look for 'https' instead of 'http' in front of the Web site (address). You can see at the top of browser. Make sure the web site have valid security certificates. uses some of the safest and secured websites, Recognized Banks and other big financial institutes to cater to your security. So always make sure at the time of making payment that your payment is processed through a well known company, so that you have your peace of mind.
If the shopping site don't provide an Email Address, Working Phone Number and a Registered Mailing Address, that's an automatic red flag that it could be an illegitimate business. So mostly be aware of it. provides you with an easy to reach Customer Service Number along with an Email Address through which you can contact us anytime. Moreover, if you would personally like to visit our office or would like to mail something across, we have also listed our Mailing Address in the "Contact Us" page. Our endeavor is to provide you with all the possible ways using which you can get back to us, which is a very important indicator regarding the genuinity of our company.
Always look for official Web site instead of responding to random e-mails and links and make sure while giving any of your financial information it's a secured "encrypted" site-- look for a closed lock in your browser. is absolutely safe and at the time of payment you get directed to a secured website and all your information gets encrypted for your safety.
Shoppers should also look over the privacy policies and return policies, before making any deals. Check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to ensure what appears to be a reliable business isn't already facing complaints. has all the required links that you might be looking for and is 100% reliable. Any company with legitimate intentions shall have certain well defined policies regarding all the arena of its business, so that customers get a very clear picture about who they are dealing with.
Any Legitimate online retailer will never ask for your social security number at any time, as it is of no use for any retailer until and unless his intentions are doubtful. Don't give it to any retailer; if someone requests it, contact the company. We at would never ask you for any kind of personal information that can be of a concern to your security.
Don't respond to Unsolicited Emails Or buy things Or confirm your billing information through an unsolicited email, especially if you don't recognize the source. understands the importance of your safety and will never ask for your credit card number through an email.
Research Unknown Retailers. If you're not familiar with the retailer, make proper enquiries before entrusting them with your credit card or financial information. Make sure they have a phone number and a mailing address. You may want to call them before making a purchase. You can also research the company on TRUSTe, Verisign and BBBOnline (Better Business Bureau). At the present we are not registered with these but we are in the process of getting ourselves registered with companies like TRUSTe, Verisign and BBBOnline. However we do have a phone number and mailing address, in case you want to get in touch with us.
If it appears Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is: Use your intuition. If you come across a retailer that has a product priced substantially lower than other retailers, or offers an online coupon that gives an unbelievable discount, use caution. Always do a proper research by visiting other websites before taking any decision. Website retailers just want to make their money somehow. Read their privacy policy, make sure they aren't selling your personal information and take those extra steps to ensure the company and its products are valid. All the products sold on are authentic and we offer the most competitive but yet genuine prices to our customers.
Products that are hard to find or expensive - such as computers, jewellery and electronics - require extra caution. Do additional checks and double-checks before making your purchase. This is especially important during the holidays. uses some well known shopping service providers on internet which are totally safe and secure. These sites provide an additional layer of buyer protection. Some of them ensure that the product is delivered within stipulated time. These sites gather a lot of information about the product and the seller's reputation. They also have a market place where you can compare different products in the same category and have a system to rate and review products. This helps the buyer to make an informed decision while buying, as it is always better to be safe than sorry.
Normally websites that are doing legitimate business would display contact information on their websites. This includes telephone numbers, two three email ids, feedback page and a live chat option. If a website doesn't have any of these options, then it is probably a flight by night operator or a struggling business. It is always better to make some pre sale inquiries through telephone, live chat or email. All these options are available to you through that will enable you to gain more knowledge about the company and its services.
Once you have chosen a product to buy, you have to check that if that product is sold through any of the 3rd party merchant websites such as clickbank, eBay, PayPal, AlertPay, Moneybooker, Amazon etc that have secure payment processing. If the product is sold through the seller's own website, go through the various payment options available. If there is an option to pay through any of the 3rd party merchant sites listed above, it is safe to purchase through any of these sites. At we do not accept any kind of payments on our website for security reasons. You get directed to one of these safe websites for processing the payment. This means you are fully protected against fraudsters and any kind of scams.

If you haven't found anything wrong or objectionable, then you can proceed to purchase. But you need to take some more precautions. If you still using a dial up, these precautions would help you a lot :

  • Close all other programs and browser windows except the one where you are making transaction.
  • Clear all the cookies and temporary files from "Internet Options" in the control panel.
  • Turn Off automatic updates.
  • If your internet connection is experiencing problems, do not initiate a transaction.
  • All the above steps ensure the transaction gets completed uninterrupted and browser redirection work well.
  • Always give an email address that works well for you, even if it is not your primary email. Some sellers may have a "Spammer" status and their confirmation email may get lost or filtered.
  • Write down all the transaction numbers and codes that are displayed during and after the transaction. Save these pages to your disk or add confirmation pages to your "Favorites" folder. After payment, though not necessary, send them a letter citing all those transaction numbers and codes and enquire about the status of your order.
It is a good practice if you leave a feedback at Forums Or Blogs about your experience with the products your purchased. It help others to make good buying decision. It also helps the seller to improve his product or service. have many satisfied customers till date who have mentioned their valuable feedbacks in the forum and in the form of testimonials that can be very easily viewed on the "Home Page".
A sensible retailer would also send you a confirmation of your purchase though an email. If the website though which you have purchased have not sent you any Order Confirmation or email correspondence, then contact the customer care as soon as possible because now you only have a limited time before your money leave your bank account. sends an email confirming your transaction soon after you have made a payment. This also helps you in safeguarding yourself against identity theft.
Here are some extra precautions we adhere to ensure our buyer's protection:

Our team of specialists works with agencies around the world to help protect you from fraud and identity theft. Our experts will :

Contact you immediately if we suspect fraud in your account.

Work with authorities to shut down fraudulent websites.

Every transaction is reviewed by industry-leading, proprietary models that help weed out fraudulent activity.
Account holders have to Verify their accounts and successfully established their identity with us before they could purchase anything from us.
If you don't receive the item or service that you purchased using or what you receive is significantly not as described by us, your eligible transactions are covered for the full purchase price and original shipping cost.
To help you better identify fake emails, we follow strict rules. We will never ask for the following personal information in an email :
  • Credit and debit card numbers
  • Bank account numbers
  • Driving license numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Passwords
  • Your full name
These are a few simple things that can prevent a lot of headaches and hassles associated with buying online. You can avoid scams and phishing websites. You can make sure that you get a good support for your purchase. So if you can follow these steps, you can atleast get saved from losing money on your cards.