We at urgentechelp.com not only promise to deliver the best service to our customers but also ensure that our customer's can trust us 100% when it comes to their personal and financial details

Here are some practices that we follow to safeguard our customer's information -

At urgentechelp.com we never ask for any financial information from our customers during any telephonic conversation Or while they are surfing our website. If you ever encounter a situation where someone claiming to be a part of urgentechelp.com and asking for your financial information then you can be sure that he is a fake and you can be assured that it is not urgentechelp.
To avoid spamming and online fraud, urgentechelp.com only offers its services to only registered and verified customers.
When the customer registers himself on our website, only contact details like name, address, telephone number, personal identifiers, etc are taken; we do not take any financial information from any customer for registration purposes.
The contact details are taken only for contacting customer for future communication. They are not exposed or sold to any other organization at all.
Once a customer registers & confirms purchase of a product, by clicking on 'Buy Now' option the page is directed to the third party payment processing website.
Urgentechelp.com deals with only reputed & secured payment processing companies like PayPal, Financial Institutions, Banks, etc. All payment processors we use are into operation past many years now and are sufficiently equipped with all tools, software & licenses to ensure customer safety. They are even well recognized and approved by all regulatory bodies & laws.
Just like us, even our payment processing websites have also outlined their securities measures on their website to make customers understand that they are dealing with a genuine company which abides by all rules & regulations and that they follow all practices which are mandatory while processing cards & bank information .
Once the payment is made on our payment processor's website, customer is then re-directed to urgentechelp.com, where they are greeted with a "Thank You!" note and they receive an Order Confirmation.